Banks for founders and funders

The first step in financing a company goes to a bank.

When a bank founders have the option of the appropriate financial framework set for the creation of a company.

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Banks as reliable donors

Company founded by assistance of a bank

In a bank , a credit institution is understood that Services charge for the movement of payments , loans and capital offered a band deals with the granting of loans to manage the savings, trade and custody of securities. In Germany, a bank is then a credit institution if it is a commercial undertakings, which carry out banking transactions . was the very first banks in Europe in the 13th Century in Florence. The main banking families were the Bardi and Peruzzi of Florence. They had in the 14 Century in almost all European cities branches. Only when an English king refused his debts that have accumulated during the Hundred Years War to repay , these banks went bankrupt. Then the family could build up an extensive Medici bank. Banks have been increasingly important in the world of labor due to the economy because the benefits of economic agents to be replaced by money. Credit institutions are generally controlled by the national and international legal requirements and bank supervision. In an economy is , the payment means the coordination at all between the various providers of goods and services and the services of the consumer. Today, only the exchange of money takes place against a performance. The monetary transaction facilitated by and large, the exchange of goods and services of services strong. Money which is not used directly for consumption can be saved by households for subsequent investments. And companies that want to make a large investment , this can usually not their own funds, ie they have to borrow from a bank for a loan. Basis for a Lending is the acceptance of collateral , ie, savings or other assets for safekeeping.

Within an economy , the banks fulfill the following functions : on the one hand , they create a balance between the supply of many small plants and the high demand for loans by transforming many small savings amounts to large credit packages. Second, according to the golden rule of banking is that a certain sentence can be awarded to a percentage -off and short and long term deposits , if any liquidity problems, no yield problems , no interest rate risk and no risk of a bank is run. And third, the depositor on the care and knowledge of bank lending in a familiar , even with respect to a risk diversification. This may provide a credit through the use of portfolio , supervision of loans, Liability by Equity and through contracts with savers and borrowers.

Banks in the services sector

Its clients include a bank , on the one hand, the retail - these are terms of the mass business , ie, the lending and investment operations and the payment of importance - and on the other hand, the corporate , government and local authorities and other banks. The legal basis for the banks is in Germany, the Banking Act . Also heard the German band nature of the world's largest. German banks, which are also active internationally , include the German Bank and Commerzbank.

Deposits are those transactions in which foreign money is accepted as deposits and securitized. It is a credit , loans or acceptances if money can be awarded. Also located in front of a discount store, where checks or drafts are purchased . Under a financial commission business we understand the acquisition and subsequent disposal of financial instruments on their own behalf but on behalf of others. A Custody bdeutet keeping and administration of securities for others. For the German banking system , the three-pillar structure is significant . The three pillars are the co-operative banks, public institutions and private banks. When does the public bank and the cooperative banks, it is not superficial to the maximization of profit.

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