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The digital camera discovered in the course of time new technical refinements.

Who is looking for a technically well-equipped digital camera that will certainly find it on the Internet . For in -line stores offer various products to their suppliers at competitive prices.

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The digital camera and its equipment

Technology from A to Z

A digital camera has a movie rather than as a recording medium an image sensor which records the images on a storage medium. This can then display on the camera - which is available from any digital camera - considered to be a rough assessment of the recorded image to provide . By connecting the camera to a USB port on your plugging in or using a card reader that can also to the computer via USB or Firewire connected , can be considered the final images on the home screen , saved and if necessary - from an image - edited. What the processing of the images will be time well, you can at this Office read ! After the selection of his pictures and delete the memory card this is again for use. Next let you print out these images on a printer, to send them online to a laboratory or pass himself with the memory card to the laboratory of his choice of imaging and the images. As result in the inclusion of the digital camera is no cost if you look at his pictures in the domestic PC and erase the memory card again , one can in his creativity can be running . For analog cameras , one still considered very carefully whether to make the picture or not, for film development and photo prints cost more Money. How is a picture of the now in a digital camera ? be brought into focus in the first line of the image must then be determined by the camera the proper exposure time and aperture and set. Then, the shutter opens and records the image. After recording the image through the lens of the lens onto the chip to the brightness and color values are read from the chip by a processor and by complex calculations of the internal software then the image is erstellet . This needs to be - in most cases - compressed to save disk space, and then written in connection to the memory card.

From the Photographic industry will be the buyers suggests that by increasing the number of pixels in a digital camera and a higher image quality is expected. This is not entirely correct. Sometimes a higher megapixel number just leads to a deterioration of image quality. The reason is , the more pixels on the same surface of a chip , this urge to increased noise ( the digital equivalent of grain in film ) leads and thereby the image quality suffers sensitive . Furthermore , most compact digital cameras, lenses from the radiation for only a certain number of pixels separate cleanly , the higher number of pixels in the rays can not take to each pixel . The lack of color and brightness values of the unexposed pixels have to be estimated from the chip and the software which in turn reduces the image quality considerably. You see, the great art is the Lenses, Number of pixels and Software are perfectly matched . It is just that the producers in the interest of ever higher profits do not take this into account .

Digital SLR Cameras

Unimagined possibilities of digital photography:

From these cameras , manufacturers have more leeway and can thus build high-quality cameras. The biggest advantage over compact digital cameras is greater in the digital SLR cameras , the chips (also in better quality) can be built as the already mentioned minimized noise very strong. Thus, the digital noise makes the set only at much higher sensitivity (higher ISO value) felt. The processors and the software are of higher quality. Another very important advantage is that the lenses change in SLR cameras. Almost every manufacturer has different lenses High which is also reflected in the price. Here you can select not only different focal lengths but also the quality and intensity of a lens . So you can take through the correct choice of the lens affect the image quality. A professional lens dissolves much higher and better separates the rays.

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