Founder and insurance

Insurance issues at the company are not uncommon.

What insurance may work for start-ups?
Not all insurance companies make sense for the self - we go to a little bit by:
The risks of the business.

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What insurance you need to open a business?

Established Insurance

A third party liability insurance to the area according to , eg a Public liability for a craftsman or property damage liability for the consultant to be really important, because you quickly in case of errors the each can happen even with his private property, according to Legal operation, must adhere.

A corporate legal protection is also advisable, as the dispute in part may apply very high costs and this is usually at least in part to advance must . A legal protection also helps potential Labour processes in which both parties in the first instance always half of the court has paid no matter who won . A business contents insurance is appropriate if the establishment of a Goods or spare parts available . It covers depending on the degree burglary, Fire, water damage, or possibly even natural hazards such as landslides or earthquake off.

There is also an extra insurance for electronic equipment which makes even under certain circumstances for compensation errors . This is important especially when you have employees but for high-cost Devices possibly even if she herself served - who has always perfect. Certainly interesting , however, the business interruption insurance in which one of the listed company under contents insurance pay claims up to a year a pre-agreed performance. Thus, the time can be up to the recovery operation easily bridged.

Personal risks

A personal liability should actually have any - it is under Circumstances with the public liability combined and then lower. The statutory health insurance is mandatory but often provides despite increased contributions often less power as private insurance. Who may change , which is dependent on sales should , under a change Comparison of prices and services take into account absolutely . Also are the levels of the statutory health insurance often difficult understand and insured patients are unfortunately often too far the disadvantage instance, they longer have to wait for appointments. Also recommended is a sickness benefit or sickness allowance Insurance. Who e.g. a one-man / woman operation can result in Sickness quickly get into big problems because payments such as rent, Current u.s.w. still apply. It should be completed which in the event of a claim paid amount approximately equal to the current income.

The hospital cash insurance in turn is usually not necessarily necessary because hospital stays usually tend to be frequently occur and a daily benefits insurance in this case already cover.

A disability insurance is usually recommended as well. Who pays in a self-employed or in the public pension schemes invested in a money sink and gets a rather small part Previous - interest not to talk. Private pension provision is therefore necessarily recommended.

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