The best loans for company founders

Entrepreneurs should make loans against a pledge to always be in a loan comparison.

For loans of all kinds - no matter whether true emergency loans or installment loans -: should a loan comparison by the basic conditions compared and advantages thereof will be removed. Only after such a comparison should start - or decide donors - definitely for the best loan for them.

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    I am a broker for insurance companies and offer my Loans to customers also . This offer is appreciated. Now I would like to expand my business. I want one Loan Calculator programming for the Internet can be.


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    Every person needs a really Life insurance and protect his survivors.


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  • Pension plans are becoming increasingly important

    The question is whether the occupational or private pensions are sufficient alone do not worry about the age to have to . We try here to give some information.


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Emergency loans or installment loans for entrepreneurs

Use of credit

Everyone knows it, one sees in the Internet, in a newspaper, in the television or anywhere else and it will be one again offered emergency loans with effective annual interest rate of 3.59% . This is incredibly cheap, there are already capital investments that are relatively safe, where you get half a percent more. But there is a hook, in most cases, these cheap loans are not forgiven, they are only a decoy so that potential customers can make an offer. The lender will examine each customer individually on its liquidity and assets with lasting value. If no available income with financial freedom is when it also is not the condo as collateral, then it is gone with the favorable interest rate . A crucial point is also still the Schufa value that is soon gone , if you wanted already received other credit offers that were rejected or if you were once with a deferred payment for an existing loan enforcement. If the value is too low Schufa interest rates rise or there is no credit. So if not a salary basis with financial flexibility relates or has assets that will be available in many cases, no credit. Even providers that advertise the fact that they a Schufa information will give one can often get nothing.

Overdrafts at banks

Many have no option about when their MRP to coat or to borrow from private money. And that is precisely the keyword : There are Internet platformsWhich provide loans from private to private. This works so that the borrower is on the platform in Germany or Smava Ausxmoney , logs on. In Smava is a positive Schufa information needed to obtain a loan , can not at this Auxmoney needed for this are the interest but not at six to eight percent but more than ten percent. The borrower faces the private investors against the short and explains what he needs the credit, as well as his financial situation must be disclosed. Of course you can as investors do not know that cheating is not here yet but if you want to be really safe , then you go to Smava . Here are the monthly repayments paid by all borrowers in a pot from which the donors are paid. Upon the failure of the damage payments accounts in proportion to each donor. These pots of money are there for each Schufa level and the lower the value, the higher the average losses. In Smava it is that you just do not lose because one is saved , so each credit financing , which promises a favorable net returns , so that cuts are the rule. In Auxmoney it is different. Each investor is at your own risk. If the loan is not repaid in monthly installments , then indeed free and automatically turned on heavily indebted borrowers in a debt collection agency but that does not mean that one also gets his money back . According Auxmoney are the defaults have averaged 4% and failure of many of these loans in the run-up has already been redeemed in part , so that the net losses are even lower. With yields of up to 15 % can take that risk so already. In addition, it can choose which loan is funded and remain the most unsafe in Auxmoney unfinanziert loans that are insured by Smava because of a lack of risk with.

If the Bank So do not pay much money you want and need and this is in a position to pay, as this back , then you can apply for Smava Auxmoney or a loan. Private investors see a credit request and then decide whether it at all and if so, how much they support the loan request. Thus, a creditor shall request from 5000 € to fast on 10-20 investors.

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