Photo canvas printing and canvas

Increasingly popular as a small but beautiful photo gift , the photo screen.

On a photo to canvas digital photos can be in so -called "museum "quality print and fitting for domestic walls. More and more suppliers from the Internet offer customers such a service.

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The photo canvas - between reproduction and artificial

What is a photo canvas?

Screen is a Tissue, Which is made from the fiber of the flax plant ( Linum Latin ). As photo canvas fabric usually used with a grammage 200-450 , that is, that the weight per square meter of this fabric is 200-450 grams. In contrast to the completely smooth paper distinguishes itself from any screen clearly visible by their fabric structure. The resulting effect of depth is fixed on a higher quality images look compared to a similar paper poster print. From the looks rather similar photo canvas paintings, which are indeed also painted on canvas. Therefore, photo canvas like to find as design objects in indoor use, which they then lend an artistic touch. By choosing an appropriate framework, such a photo canvas to be further enhanced. Today, photo canvases are usually stretched on a frame of wood or other materials. Besides the usual framework for frames strengths of two centimeters are also strengths of up to four centimeters, which are then described as a museum context.

As a photo canvas made?

The preparation of photo canvas is indeed possible in principle for almost 40 years , which used high production costs have prevented this product , however, a wider distribution. It was not until about ten years, digital printing techniques were introduced, photo canvas could be found by the rapidly falling prices broader buyers. Today there are many manufacturers of photo screens , which offer their services in relevant shops or on the Internet at prices between 30 € and 300 € . The customer can supply the desired photo of him as a negative or a computer file. The manufacturer then prints the image information in the required format on the screen. Alternatively, you can select when many sellers and from a variety of finished photo canvas an appealing subject. The most common formats vary between 20 x 20 cm and 100 x 200 cm, special formats are also possible. To achieve bleeding of colors and durability of the image , for example, to sunlight, the screen is preparing accordingly. To meet an artistic standards , it is also necessary to avoid a too coarse texture. The used canvas DOCUMENTS therefore a good, consistent quality. If necessary , first , a mechanical smoothing of the screen is needed to compensate for uneven . The next step is primed with suitable chemical methods. With this primer is replaced by the later applied pressure to improve his consistency and brilliance of the colors. Also complicates the picture of the ground breaking of a canvas. For a painting and then the canvas is stretched on a frame to be painted afterwards. In contrast to this, in a canvas photo using the photo large format plotters and specifically referred to this background appropriate Sun Dye - based inks or UV Inks Digital Printing first applied to the canvas, and only then will the picture canvas stretched over a wooden frame. The manufactured organic-based dye inks result , although brilliant and brighter pictures as UV inks, they have the disadvantage that they are not waterproof and therefore very sensitive to moisture . The UV inks are the exact opposite: highly resistant to sunlight and is insensitive to water, but they lack the brilliance and luminosity of the dye- based inks. Especially for the production of photo canvas outdoor ultra -solvent inks have been developed that are resistant to weathering , but showing the other a low resolution and lack of brilliance.

The last step often follows the sealing of the photo canvas with a special varnish that forms on it a protective layer against moisture , environmental pollution and contamination or finger prints and also gives the motif a silken sheen. The resulting aesthetic effect is a further photo canvas , painting a similar decorative value. The last step is start the photo canvas on a stretcher . Most manufacturers of photo screens also offer this operation as a service.

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