Photo books and photo book software

Photo books are the latest generation of that photo albums.

Photo books as gifts and to store photos for the future and more popular. However , the creation of photo books , thanks to new and easier Software the pure child's play.

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Photo books then and now

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In earlier times were called the photo books photo albums. They were designed manually with love. By gluing the photos using photo corners of the memory snapshots were immortalized in the photo albums. With Analog cameras the images had to be developed more complicated. Before the development had to decide which format should be deducted in the pictures. The most popular sizes were 9x13 and 10x15 . The surface of the photos could be chosen, whether matte or gloss was then a pure Gefallenssache . With Compact Cameras or elaborate SLR cameras previously shot the photos. Previously, the photos in black and white and in the course of the last 30 years, the color films and more popular and therefore cheaper. Back then, the photo films , either on film or on tape reels, which were then delivered by the photographer. In the darkroom was then developed frame by frame. Also, the albums where the photos were stored , were fundamentally different. The classic photo album with the Pappseiten and the thin, almost transparent protective paper , were used as well as slip- . Sun photo books were often joined by various occasions. Whether for Christmas, the children under the Christmas tree, or the Easter egg hunt , the memories were fond of their parents , and expensive.

The photos on certain ceremonial occasions , such as Communion , Confirmation or the wedding have been lovingly worn together and lifted by comments for eternity. If one were to give away individual images to friends or relatives or a home-made photo book for grandma and grandpa for Christmas, we took the negatives to imitate these images. Today, this expensive type photos is to shoot, used only rarely , because the digital photography is taking photographs and creating photo books have become much easier.

Photo books can be designed more simple

Since the digital Photography more and more friends there are also gifts such as photo books much easier to realize . The digital images can be transferred to the photo book manufacturer via the Internet. The photo books, which are offered by many providers are available in various designs and price ranges. The customer has the choice of hardcover or soft cover photo books. The page number is selected , the pages may vary depending on the number of photos. Photo books also represent a nice gift idea , so the grandparents or aunts and uncles are blessed with beautiful memories . For each photograph , explanations or humorous remarks to be entered and these appear printed neatly on the side or below the photos. The design software is used by the photo book services provided free of charge , usually this is available as a download. Where can you find the best design software, see the best here after ! The formation, thus creating the page , however, by each authority itself made. Each page as it should be, and all photos uploaded , the file to the photo book provider by uploading be transmitted. After about 3-5 days to get the finished photo book then home by mail . The photo book is also a good way to hold irreplaceable moments can be , so the wedding or the silver wedding in a unique photo book are recorded. Once created, a photo book can also be re-ordered at any time to save most of the suppliers , the data for three months on the server so the files need not be transmitted again.

With the order of several photo books you often get even a discount. You can also save yourself the file created a photo book on your own computer and use it whenever you need them . For the selection of appropriate photos you have to schedule some time already , it may be both photos from your digital camera and digitized normal photos are used.

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