Stocks and share prices for companies

Shares are an important component of funding for lenders.

Many donors establish their opportunities , company founders and entrepreneurs to assist financially in the stock market. This play shares and stock prices also have an important role.

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Stocks on the German stock exchange

Limited companies in Germany

If a Joint-stock company, Shortly AG is founded , is fixed in advance, as in many parts of the Share capital of the Company, or the company is divided. The main component, generally at least 51% of the share capital shall be deposited only in a book. All other shares will be offered for sale, and therefore also to be issued as a single Investment printed. What other forms of investment , for example, still within the concept of the securities fall , you can here ! read If one or more shares issued , so this approach is referred to as emission. On this issue can occur not only once but every time the share capital is increased by a certain sum. The shares of a stock will be represented both as a piece , or par value shares. Shares are also called par value shares. These shares have no nominal value of certain fixed , but depend on the share capital of which they are derived. At face value shares it's different, they have a specified value. A stock is in the simplest sense, a security. The oldest stock that has ever been found dating back to 1288, in this paper was the owner of the shares he owns confirms the eighth of a copper mine near the town Falum in Sweden. The mine closed in 1992 there was the " company " , which was called Stora Kopparberg Bergslags Aktiebolag is , just as the stock itself, even to this day . The United East India Company was the first company in Europe , which had found several companies together, and went public . This happened 1602nd 1809 was the Dillinger Hütte from the first native of Germany share. After this and many followed its example , it developed, then the actual shares as we know it today.

Stocks from the German stock market

The stock market is rising steadily. Shares to and Sale so-called brokers do . You see the them for their clients receive the best possible shopping and retail value . People familiar with stocks, can now use computer programs that were designed for the buying and selling. Of course there is also the broker on the exchange, but more and more people are using for this kind of earning money and the Internet. Here you can both place money in the long run , and only for a few seconds. This is very good, as shares rise within seconds, but also much to lose value. At this Computer programsWhich are freely available on the Internet, venture up but only connoisseurs. People want to speculate without the knowledge about stocks like this can do for example about their banks. Customers will be given the opportunity to make money through funds . In a certain sum is created , the bank invests the money and the money of many together in the stock market. The odds on this , since all the money is distributed to different shares. If one of them loses its value, the loss remains rather low, as others rise guaranteed. The bank employs for this extra people know the stock market exactly know when one shares increases or decreases . Most bank guarantee , in any case, the invested money, profits are not promised , but almost every time . If a bank itself does not sell any shares, or invest any funds to offer , they are working with Aktienfondgesellschaften which carry exactly the same function and invest the money profitably , of course, here , spread over more shares , so that the loss for the investor in each case is straightforward and it can not go out of business , like other brokers, which verspekulieren now and again and thus end up in certain bankruptcy.

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